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Shameela Suliman
2nd Floor; Maerua Mall; Centaurus Road Entrance
Outside RSA
Africa (not SA)

What I love most about orthodontics is the tremendous impact we have on both children and adults’ lives as we create wonderful smiles. It is very rewarding watching children blossom with their new smiles as they transform into young confident adults!” Dr Shameela Suliman

Dr Suliman’s passion for Orthodontics began at a young age. She knew when she was just a teen in braces herself, that this was her career of choice. As soon as you meet Dr. Suliman, you’ll see that she not only loves being an Orthodontist, but she wants to be the absolute best – settling for nothing less than excellence. Dr Suliman’s practice philosophy is geared towards an intimate practice where she can give each patient personalized individual service with consistent care; using the highest quality orthodontic materials together with state-of-the-art technology.

Dr Suliman graduated as a dentist from The University of Pretoria, (South Africa), where she was always at the top of the Deans Merit List. Her awards and recognitions have been exemplary. Graduating at the top of her dental class with the highest honors (summa Cum laude status); her exceptional achievement in her academic career won her the TheGold Medal of the South African Dental Association that is recognized nationally as the highest undergraduate award in the faculty of dentistry. She was further awarded the Medal of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal in recognition of her clinical and academic excellence in every year of her studies. Being ranked as the country’s top dental graduate; she gained the competitive edge needed towards achieving her dream; acceptance into a much sought after orthodontic specialty post. The University of the Western Cape (UWC) granted her almost immediate acceptance to enter and complete her 4 year orthodontic residency training.  After graduating, Dr Suliman moved to Windhoek, Namibia where she continues to practice as a full time Orthodontic Specialist in private practice

Shameela Suliman