Orthodontic treatment is still costly, is it worth the cost?

Yes! Think about the cost of not getting braces. It is hard to see into the future, to tell how the lack of orthodontic treatment will affect your child.

Certainly, a child who needs orthodontic treatment and does not get the treatment will have problems with their teeth for years to come; so much so that many adult patients are now going back for orthodontic treatment.

Also stomach problems are very common in people who skip needed orthodontic treatment. If your child cannot chew their food right, it irritates their stomach, and produces a lifetime problem.

We cannot predict whether your child will develop a breathing problem or a stomach problem if they do not undergo orthodontic treatment. However, lifetime orthodontic treatment costs no more than the lifetime maintenance on a car. Isn't it worth investing as much time in maintaining your children's teeth as you invest in maintaining your car?

Can I negotiate lower fees with my orthodontist?

Generally, orthodontists will not cut their fees to individuals.

Orthodontists need to pay for a lot of expensive equipment and to pay their people and the landlord. The Orthodontists need to pay for all of their materials and the operation of their sterilizers. Then there is the cost of insurance. Most of an orthodontist's fee goes to paying his fixed cost such as equipment, the braces themselves, and staff. Occasionally an orthodontist will consider lowering his fees or offer free service for patients who truly cannot afford to pay at the doctor's discretion.

How may I distinguish an orthodontist from a dentist?

Use our Orthodontics Locator to find accredited Orthodontists in South Africa. Orthodontists included in this search are all South African Society of Orthodontists members. SASO membership is the best way to confirm a doctor's status as an orthodontist.

Why is orthodontic treatment so costly?

Actually, orthodontic treatment is not so expensive when compared with other medical services.

Orthodontics only seems expensive because the Orthodontist tells you what the lifetime costs of straightening your children's teeth will be.

Can I pay for my children's orthodontic treatment in instalments?

Most orthodontists allow you to pay for your children's treatment in instalments.

Usually the orthodontist will ask you to make a larger initial payment to cover the costs of starting treatment, X-rays, and the application of braces. Then the orthodontist will usually let you budget the remainder of the balance. The orthodontist cannot finance the entire treatment, because the orthodontist incurs considerable costs when he or she first starts a new patient and he needs to recover those initial costs. However, once you pay for those initial costs, the orthodontist will usually let you pay for the rest of the treatment in instalments.