The South African Society of Orthodontists (SASO) is the only governing body for the orthodontics profession in South Africa. Patients can be rest assured that SASO members have the proper academic history and credentials to practice orthodontics.

The society is dedicated to the advancement of orthodontics in South Africa, a field of dentistry that specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. We promote patient education about the benefits of quality orthodontic treatment as well as increased public awareness of orthodontics, and support the upholding of standards amongst our members.

SASO was established in 1963 and today the membership numbers in excess of 80 qualified orthodontists working throughout South Africa.

Orthodontists are qualified dentists who, upon completing their degree in dentistry, have gone on to post-doctoral studies. Courses in advanced orthodontics are taken full-time in universities for an additional four years. Students are educated in the fields of tooth movement (orthodontics) and facial development (dentofacial orthopaedics). Orthodontists graduate as trained specialists in the dental field of straightening teeth and aligning jaws.

SASO is recognised by the Health Professional Council of SA (HPCSA). The society encourages good relationships with the wider field of dentistry, health authorities and allied professionals such as medical doctors, speech therapists, and physiotherapist. It supports initiatives to further the education and knowledge of its members, and keeps abreast of new techniques and products in order to best service the public.

SASO Committee

SASO is headed by a 5-member executive committee that meets monthly. The following members have been elected to serve on the EXCO as well as on certain sub-committees:

President: Dr John Dancaster 

Past President: Dr Sharad Cara

Vice chair: Dr Karline de Muelenaere

Treasurer: Dr Karline de Muelenaere

Secretary: Dr Dayalan Sundrum

Additional member: Dr Renton Tindall

Continuing education committee: Dr Mark Wertheimer

Fees committee and ethics committee: Dr Johan van den Berg

Website: Dr Mark Jackson

Finance committee: Dr A Delport 

Dr M Coetsee