Faces and facial body language convey emotions, strength and social acceptability. We communicate with our mouths and faces. The face is man's representation to the world and gives individual identity. Beauty and balance is a much sought after trait. Ancient man used make-up and facial art. Modern society uses enhancement medicine and particularly orthodontics.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty requiring intensive postgraduate training and development in acquiring the knowledge and skills to improve and modify facial and dental harmony.

Research and computer technology has led to the development of comfortable and aesthetic appliances, ranging from tiny silver to transparent braces and even inner tooth attachments. The appliances need relatively few adjustments, and orthodontic visits are not traumatic. The overall results within an average of 2 years for both young and older patients achieve enormously pleasing aesthetic and functional results.

If these results are monitored and maintained faces and teeth stay younger and healthier for many years , a small price to pay in the overall lifespan of modern man.

The social stigma attached to braces is no longer valid. Braces are seen in royalty (Prince Harry) to famous celebrities (Gwen Stefani, Dakota Fanning, Emma Watson and Tom Cruise) to your successful businessman, pilot, teacher, and diplomat.

Parents know that success in life depends on personal confidence and attractiveness. Children are treated from young, suitable ages and are reaping the benefits of social acceptance in a society that lays heavy demands on appearance.

Orthodontics include things such as correcting overbites, underbites, overcrowding and a host of other dental-related irregularities. This is done using a variety of techniques and can be done at almost any age, on almost everyone.

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